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It's a great way to make new friends and relax after work! It's fun and competitive! Plus it's great exercise!


Daytime Leagues
Coffee Break 2nd Half 01/15/20 10 am 3 members

16 weeks

Early Birds 2nd Half 01/16/20 9:30am 3 members 16 weeks.
Youth Begins 12/14 (Sat.) 10 am 3 members 12 weeks.
Evening Leagues
Alley Cats Begins 01/13/20 (Mon.) 7 pm 4 members 16  weeks
Moonlight Madness Begins 01/17/20(Fri.) 8pm 4 members 16 weeks
Green Pins Begins 02/17/20(Sun.) 7pm 3 members 12 weeks

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